Marketing to Children

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SWBAT be aware of media influencing their life analyzing and interpreting an informational text.

Big Idea

Do advertisers target “children”?

Anticipation Guide

10 minutes

Before reading the text, “Facts about Marketing to Children,” students completed the Anticipation Guide in order for them to begin thinking about how advertising is directed at students.

After responding, I polled the class about how they responded and discussed reasons for their response.



Informational Text

25 minutes

As students read “Facts about Marketing to Children” from the Center for a New American Dream,”  they marked the text using metacognitive markers that they have used throughout the year.  In addition,  if they made a connection or they wanted to comment about an issue, they wrote their responses in the margin of the text.

 After reading, students shared as a whole class focusing specifically about those facts were surprising to them.

Return to Anticipation Guide

5 minutes

After the class discussion about surprising facts in the text, students reconsidered their previous answers to the Anticipation Guide.  Referring to the text, they made corrections and added the facts that made the statement true.

Illustrate that fact

30 minutes

With a partner, students were assigned one of the sub-titles within the text, “Marketing to Children.”  Within the sub-titles, they could choose one of the facts to present in a visual so others will understand the meaning of the fact.

Fish Bowl

20 minutes

Students arranged the desks in an oval in the center of the room.  The partners decided which student would sit at the desk and which would stand behind.  The student sitting at the desk would be the recorder in this “Fish Bowl” Activity.  The other student remained an observer, not saying anything, but allowed to point at parts of the illustrations.

 As the class arranged themselves, one partner seated, the other standing behind, I explained that we would be passing the illustrations along to reinforce the facts that had just been read in “Facts About Marketing to Children.”  The recorder could write anything that they were impressed with in regard to the illustration being passed;  they would have 40 seconds to observe and record their thoughts.  

A complete sample of this is included demonstrating comments written by the students: "Illustrate that Fact."  

 This routine lasted until the partner's original illustration was again in front of them.

There was no talking as this activity progressed.


5 minutes

To conclude this activity students  did a Gallery Walk around the classroom to view all the responses in relationship to the facts.