The Places We are From

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SWBAT pick a country or state their family is from and use Ipads to search for an image of the state or country flag, reproduce it, and write a post-it containing three facts.

Big Idea

The Integration of Technology, Art, and Realia to Develop Awareness of U. S. States and Countries Around the World.

My Lens

An important part of informational reading and expository writing is a sense of geography.  During this lesson, I pushed students to learn where places are in relation to their home, their neighborhood, to Seattle, Washington state, the United States, North America, and the other continents. 


15 minutes

"Today students were are going to use technology to identify the name of the country each of these flags represent.

I want you to work with a partner and select a flag from the crate.  Then the two of you will use the ipads and identify the name of the country that  matches the flag.

Give me a thumbs up if you are thinking of a way to use the ipads to answer the question:

"What is the name of the country that goes with this flag?" We will then do the structure, "Each one teach one".  You will be responsible to teach your flag to other student.  After you determine the name the country that goes with your flag, you will write it on a piece of masking tape like this- demo to make the piece about 6in long and write with a Sharpie.

Have students stand up and get into partnerships.  Have one person get an ipad while the other partner selects a flag from the crate.

(I have 25+ full-size flags from many countries that I got donated from Whole Foods, but you could do this activity with printed off versions of flags)



Independent Work

45 minutes

Students will work with a partner to identify the name of the country their flag represents.  They will label the edge of the flag with the country's name.

Once students are finished they are choosing from a menu of additional activities:

1.  Research their country and jot down three facts.

2.  Make a flag out of a 5 X 7 index card for a country and add three facts on a post-it

3.  Make a flag of a state in the United States and jot down three facts on a post-it.

4.  Use research to create a power point to share information learned.