What did I do? You do? He/ She do? Right Side Interactive Notebook Activity

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SWBAT change point of view between text that they write.

Big Idea

Being able to change point of view in text will help students begin to understand how point of view impacts the story line in a text.

Shoulder Partner Talk: Reviewing Previous Learning

10 minutes

This lesson begins with students reviewing the previous lesson.  The video included in the resources of this section show a small part of the review.  I give the students topic and a point of view and the students need to create a sentence in that point of view for their partner.  The partner then needs to decide whether their partner's sentence was correct or incorrect.


Three Sections- Three Stories

15 minutes

This lesson occurred right after Thanksgiving, but you can use any event you choose to implement this lesson.  I instruct the students to open their notebooks to yesterday's foldable and tell them that today's lesson will be the right side counterpart to the foldable.  

I tell them to divide their page into three sections using horizontal lines.  (Like the math vocabulary there??)  I also model in my own notebook for those visual learners.  I also have them label each section 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  I tell them to start with the 1st person and tell in 3 or 4 sentences what they did for Thanksgiving.  I give the example in my notebook.  "My family came to my house for dinner.  I cooked a lot of food.  Then we went shopping."  

I give the students 4 or 5 minutes to write their narrative and then we share.  Randomly I choose 3 people to share.  After they read their section, I have the other students show thumbs up or thumbs down to evaluate if their point of view was correct.  We repeat this for all the other points of view.

The funny thing here is that in both groups I teach, one student in each group wrote in 3rd person in the 2nd person box.  I don't know if there's any educational insight to that or just a quirky thing but it was interesting nonetheless.  

Each of my students got to share using this format which allowed me to assess their understanding, so if your students don't all get to share, you may need to adjust the number of students you choose per section.  

Unit Text: When Charlie McButton Lost Power

15 minutes

My school is having a literacy night called the Science of Reading where each grade level has a paired set of books on a science topic.  The 4th grade topic is electricity and this book was our fiction selection.  I'd never read this book but it is super cute and offers a variety of entry points for point of view.

Today was the initial reading of the text.  The kids loved it and could really relate to it.  The one thing I wanted to know was:  "What point of view is this story written in?"  That's what you'll find on the exit ticket.

I hand out the exit tickets and collect them as the students dismiss.