Keeping the Fire Burning: Drafting an Opinion Piece

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SWBAT use explicit text evidence with their own thinking to write an opinion piece about a literary text.

Big Idea

Forming and expressing opinions about texts shows a deeper understanding of the text.

Igniting the Fire: Creating the Rubric

15 minutes

Today begins the drafting of our opinion piece.  The students are going to use the answer in the graphic organizer to yesterday's text dependent question to begin their writing.  Before we begin, we put together the rubric for the opinion piece.  

Because this is a district mandated piece, I will be using the district rubric to grade it, but I still want the kiddos to have something to evaluate their own work by while in the editing and revising process so a rubric we will draft!! 

Fueling the Fire: Moving Through the Writing Process

40 minutes

After the students receive their graphic organizer back, it is time for drafting.  I am still battling the, "Do I just copy this?" question referring to copying the graphic organizer onto the paper and calling it a day.  I cannot model this assignment so I tell the students (frequently) to refer to their rubric.   

While they work, I act as scribe for those who require it and provide other necessary accommodations for my ELL students.  

In earlier lessons I described how I run my writing lessons.  In the resource section is a picture of visual I made (I am not the originator of this project, but I wish I know who was because it's amazing!!)  to help keep student progress straight.  As students move through the writing process, they move their clip to the appropriate section.  I find this to be so helpful because, especially in writing, students move at different paces.

Stirring the Embers: Finish and Wrap Up

15 minutes

At the end of the lesson, I collect all the writing and review the clip chart so everyone knows where they need to start tomorrow.  

Those students who are finished or who will finish in the next session will receive a choice board based on the story Firestorm instead of doing a free write as the clip chart shows.