What Keeps Women Safe Day 3 of 5

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SWBAT use research facts to organize information into a cohesive outline

Big Idea

How do we take technical information and transform it into accessible material for a specific audience?


This lesson is third in a series of lessons in which students research and write a handbook for women's safety on college campuses.  During this lesson the students focus on organizing the information they have into a graphic organizer that will help them write their handbook section. 

Outlining and Organizing

50 minutes

Now that students know that their sources are credible and reliable, they can start planning out their handbook subsections using the graphic organizer listed in the resources. 

Some of the sections will contain several subsections which each individual student will work on. The idea with the graphic organizer is that the group can get a sense of how their whole section will look.  

Within each subsection I encourage them to come up with two to four points they want to be sure to include.  This could be facts and statistics or it could be safety tips. I remind students that they need a balance of support and instruction in each subsection and that they need to cite their sources as they go along.  I encourage them to use the footnotes tool in Google or to use basic MLA citation. I picked MLA because it is less intrusive than APA, although APA could work as well. 

As students work on outlining I move around the room and answer any questions they might have.