Tale of Despereaux: Conflicts

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SWBAT identify types of conflicts and cite evidence from sources given.

Big Idea

How does conflict influence a story ?

Introduction of Genre

20 minutes

     I begin this lesson with an introduction to the author of the book, The Tale of Despereaux:  Kate diCamilo.  She talks directly to my students about her inspirations to become an author via a video of author Kate diCamillo.  Using the Despereaux Flip Chart I created, my class begins a discussion about the genre of this novel, which is Fantasy.  We elaborate on the characteristics of a fantasy genre and continue our discussions into the five elements in a narrative story:  character, setting, plot, theme, conflict. 

     For this activity, we focus on types of conflict:  character vs. self, character vs. character, character vs. nature, and character vs. society.  Students are given information regarding each type of conflict. Asking students to pay close attention to examples of each conflict, we watch The Tale of Despereaux Trailer video and The Tale of Despereaux movie part 1. Common Core requires students to cite evidence from text or digital sources.  This digital source, a movie clip, engages students into the lesson with a focus on citing examples of conflicts.

Analyze Conflicts

20 minutes

   This lesson is a culminating activity of previous lessons in this unit.  I reviewed the process for working in collaborative groups: team norms, roles, rules in order for this activity to run smoothly.  My students have practiced working with their peers on various projects from the inception of the school year following these guidelines. Recently, we discussed and reviewed the collaboration and jig saw process during our earlier lesson in this unit.

     Students work in teams to locate their assigned conflicts, citing from digital and text based sources.  Each collaborative group work on laptops to search websites, view movie clips and articles of movie reviews, story analysis, critiques, etc.  from jump drives, and copies of the book: The Tale of Desperaux.  The leader writes down the sources of information to create a bibliography.  The summarizer writes a summary of the information that the team gathers from the sources given. 

     Each team creates a mural that depict examples of their assigned conflict.  A caption accompanies each picture on the mural to describe examples of the assigned conflict.  Students write the captions using sentence strips. 

Share Out Information

20 minutes

     Students take turns sharing information they have gathered about their assigned conflict.  Each team's oral presentation consist of a brief summary and cited sources per example on the team's mural.  The mural serves as a visual aide during team presentations.