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SWBAT collaborate with each other to identify areas of improvement in their writing

Big Idea

When do students know their ideas are clear? How can peer-review help them refine their ideas?


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This lesson is part of a series of lessons on writing an evaluative essay.  Students use a peer-review worksheet to comment and correct each other's papers. I've asked my students to focus on objectivity and clarity when they peer-review. 

Taking a Little More Time to Finish

30 minutes

Some of the students were not ready to share their rough draft for peer-review. Rather than set a hard deadline regarding peer review, I asked the students who were ready to move to one side of the class and then organized them into review groups.  

The students who were not ready I asked to find a good point at which they thought they could share their paper with someone else. Most of them volunteered that they would be finished before the first half hour mark. 

I then moved around those students while they wrote, conferencing with them when needed.


I give my students a copy of this peer-review worksheet  to work with while reading their classmates' comments. 


25 minutes

I use several different methods of peer-reviewing methods with my students, but I chose this method because I wanted my students to have to opportunity to review a paper written by a different person other than the person reviewing theirs. 

I then  had students name the person that they wanted to read their paper, creating a peer-review chain in which a different person was reviewing their paper. I then encouraged students to read more than one paper by giving them half-credit for the second paper they read.  


I also found two different peer-review sheets that addressed the different concerns students might have about their papers. 

The first sheet asks questions about the content or ideas of the paper.  The second asks students to look at the readability of the introduction and conclusion of the paper and determine if they were effective. 

Students took their time with their peer-reviews, adding comments and using the rubric to find the right words to use in their comments. 

They then gave the peer-review sheets back to the writer and waited until their reviewer was finished with the paper.