From Ramps to Riches

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SWBAT read and demonstrate their comprehension of the article "From Ramps to Riches" while using learned reading strategies.

Big Idea

Think, Read, Think, Write


15 minutes

Students wrote a response to the following prompt, then we discussed it as a whole class.  Some students did not understand the meaning of  “consumers,” so it was necessary to diffuse the word through class discussion.


How do advertisers attempt to influence consumers?  What do advertisers do to get you or your family to purchase a product?


“Ramps to Riches”

30 minutes

Students independently read the article “From Ramps to Riches,” following and completing the guided reading prompt, “Think, Read, Think, Write,”. 


10 minutes

Students shared parts of the article that they found interesting.  These points led to starting points for discussion about advertising.  i.e.  Why doesn’t Tony Hawk sell to Walmart and K-mart?