Cubic Equations Practice

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SWBAT flexibly employ the skills & concepts they have mastered.

Big Idea

Practice makes perfect! Students test their mettle against an array of challenges.

Setting Up

5 minutes

I begin class by reminding everyone about the next class: Cubic Functions Quiz!  To help prepare for that, I have a Cubic Equations Practice set for them to work on.  I make sure to let them know these problems are similar to what they'll see on the quiz, and they should be able to complete all of them during one class period and without a calculator.  That said, they're welcome to use their calculators today, but they should bear in mind that they will not be using them on the quiz.


Productive Practice

40 minutes

For the remainder of the class, students will be working individually or in small groups to complete the assigned problems.  I will be on my feet, moving around the classroom to assist in whatever way I can.

Occasionally, I will stop to help individual students work through difficulties.  At other times, I may take a small group to the whiteboard to explain something or do an example problem together.  Always, I'll be watching and listening to see what things students have mastered and what they're still a little uncertain of. (MP 1)

If anyone finishes early, I'll check their solutions against an answer key, and then they're free to work on the Weekly Workout or any other outstanding assignments.  However, I'll also be sure to send other students their way for explanations and assistance!

With about 15 minutes to go, I'll make the answer key available to everyone by posting it on the whiteboard.  As students complete a problem, I'll encourage them to check their work and correct any mistakes.  This should allow everyone to leave with confidence in their solutions and with a useful set of examples to study from.