Finishing a Rough Draft

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SWBAT identify a completed rough draft

Big Idea

What constitutes a completed rough draft?


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Students revise their first rough drafts and adjust their criteria to be more objective in this lesson on writing an evaluative essay. 

Revising a Rough Draft

45 minutes

The students have a much better idea of where they need to work on their rough drafts and they spend the class period making adjustments to their criteria, adding evidence from the text and generally reworking their rough drafts.  Some of the students begin revising their papers based on my comments other completely start over closely following the outline I gave them on the assignment sheet. Most of the students go back to the text for their evidence and examples, but I also encourage them to use each other as evidence, as well as commentary from teachers and critics about the play.  I also encourage students to use comparison as a way to weight the evaluation, suggesting an alternate play the class could read. 

I remind them that they need to be ready to peer-review by tomorrow and spend the class period conferencing with students regarding their criteria.   I ask the same questions of each student when looking at their criteria: Is your criteria universal; is it relevant to the learning goals you think seniros should have; is it evidence-based?