Biographies: Bio Cubes Research Project

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SWBAT complete a short research project on a famous person.

Big Idea

We will be using the computers today to complete a short research project from start to finish.


Opener - Biography Report Videos

15 minutes

Yesterday we had our biography report video celebration.  The presentations ended up longer than planned and we did not get to watch them all yesterday.  Today. we will start our lesson out by watching the remaining videos.  (These videos were recorded by the students from biography reports that they wrote earlier in the unit.)

Biography Cube Research Project

30 minutes

Biography Cubes

For most of our biography unit, the students have been focusing on one particular famous person.  The person in the biography book they checked out from the library.  Our projects up to this point have all used information that students have researched about this one person.  Today we get to branch out! 

This is a short research project activity.  We will be using's Bio Cube Creator project in our computer lab today for this project.

First, the students will choose the person they would like to learn more about. Next, I will give each student a printout of's Bio Cube Planning Sheet found HERE.  I will instruct the students to use internet sources to fill in information about the person they have selected.