Project Work, Day Two

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Students will be able to summarize a text, analyze for themes, and make and support an inferential point by creating a video project of their novel.

Big Idea

Lights, camera, action--analyzing a text via video.

Do Now: Goal Setting

5 minutes

As I've done previously, I ask students to set a goal for their work today: what will they accomplish for their project in this class period? They write their goals on the board, visible for all to see.

Asking students to set an accomplish-able goal for the day helps them break the project into manageable chunks, thus increasing their rate of success. It also holds them accountable for making use of all their class time. 


5 minutes

Project Work Time

30 minutes

Students work with their groups to create their projects today, planning and filming as needed. I monitor their work by strolling the halls, peeking around corners to check for full engagement and productivity.


Goal Check In

5 minutes

At the end of the hour, I meet with my groups to verify that they met their goals for the day. Completed goals are erased from the board. Those not completed result in discussion: why was the goal not met? How will you remedy the situation? For the groups who did not meet their goal, time (or lack of) was the main factor. I remind them of work days remaining and encourage them to discuss times to meet outside our class.