Transformations Individual Assessment

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Students will be able to apply the characteristics of translation, reflection, and rotation and make connections between the coordinates, graphs, written descriptions, and ordered pair rules of figures that have been transformed.

Big Idea

Students demonstrate their proficiency with translations, reflections, and rotations as operations and rigid motions.

Transformations Individual Quiz

25 minutes

As they complete Transformations Quiz, students will demonstrate their understanding of translation, reflection, and rotation by performing these transformations and answering questions that require them to justify their reasoning.  

Show Student Sample Plan of Action

15 minutes

Students often have difficulty organizing their old notes, papers, and work; typically, most students do not have a strong sense of what it means to put in effective effort when preparing for cumulative assessments.  By showing sample student work, I can give students an idea of what they can do to study in a practical and efficient way.  Instead of telling my students what I want them to do, I ask, “what do you notice?” as they look at the work, forcing them to point out the characteristics that make the plan of action high quality and useful. 

I hope my students will notice how the work is organized, the specificity of the notes/reminders/tips listed, the specific math examples and diagrams that will make the big ideas concrete, specific, and meaningful.  By asking students to publicly name these qualities for the class, I hope they will gain a better understanding of what effective studying can look like and how their studying should address their particular needs. 

Discuss Triangle Properties, Congruence, and Proof Tests

15 minutes

Since the upcoming midterm exam will feature two proofs, I make sure to build in time to discuss the more challenging problems and proofs from the last unit test on triangle properties, triangle congruence, and proof.   I want to address any confusion or misunderstanding so that my students continue improving their written justifications as well as write high quality proofs.