Who's Point of View? Left Side Interactive Notebook Activity

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SWBAT identify the point of view from which a story is being told.

Big Idea

Knowing who's telling a story helps a reader identify biases and perspective in the text.

Do You Know Who's Telling the Story? Left Side Foldable Activity

10 minutes

This lesson begins with a book talk of sorts.  I hold up three books.  One is a Judy Moody book, one is a Choose Your Own Adventure book and one is My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.  I read a page from each of the books and ask the students to listen to who is telling the story.

In Judy Moody they guessed that Judy was telling the story, in the Choose Your Own Adventure book they guessed that a narrator was telling the story and in the Dr. Seuss book they guessed that I was telling the story.  I told them that at least two of those were correct and that at the end of the lesson, they needed to tell me which two.

Cornering Point of View: Left Side Foldable Activity

40 minutes

I instruct the students to open their Interactive Student Notebooks to the next two blank pages.  I hand out the blank white square paper for the foldable and the chalkboard images with the correct pronouns for each point of view.  

The students needed to cut out the chalkboards  first and then we began the foldable.  In preparation for this lesson, I needed to cut out enough 8 inch squares of paper.  I chose white copy paper, but you could choose any kind of paper you want.  I think Origami paper would have been a huge hit and MUCH easier than what I did, but the white copy paper worked just fine.

Once the students had their chalkboards cut out, I gave them the instructions for the foldable.   I had the students write the word perspective on the top flap and then glue the chalkboard horizontally on each of the other three flaps.  

Once all the chalkboards were glued, I put my model under the ELMO and we began to transfer information to the foldable.  Under the 1st person flap, I had the students copy "1st Person" and in the triangle part of the back, I had them write, "Happens to you, told by you".  We did the same for 2nd person except we wrote, "Happens to you, told by someone else" and for 3rd person we wrote, "Happens to someone else, told by someone else".  

Under the Perspective flap, I had the students label 1st, 2nd, 3rd and I gave them a sentence. Their directions were to copy the sentence next to the correct point of view.  Once they did that, we worked together to change the sentences to the other two points of view.  

Finally, in the triangle part of the Perspective section, I had students again label 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and this time I gave them a sentence and with no help, they were to copy the sentence next to the correct point of view and then change the sentence themselves.  We then went over the answers and the students corrected their mistakes.  


Can You Tell Who It Is Now??

15 minutes

After the foldable is complete, we revisit the books and I hand out the exit ticket.  I reread the same pages I had read before and have students use their notebooks to identify who is telling the story.