Enacting the Battle Plan: Preparing the Presentations

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SWBAT combine their information from research into a product that others can learn from.

Big Idea

It is important for students to know how to put together information from different sources to create a product to present their findings.

Into Formation: Working on the Projects

45 minutes

Students enter the classroom to find all the materials they've requested placed upon their tables. Most of the materials requested were basic like paper, glue, scissors, markers, Sharpies. One group asked for something to video with.  The choices for projects are a song/ rap, a Power Point, a poster, an essay or a foldable book.  

Groups sit together and begin working.  We do a quick check in with the rubric and the planning sheets just to orient each group on where to begin.  Because of the planning sheet and check in from yesterday, most groups know exactly where to begin.  

I allow them to begin and I walk the room answering questions, getting extra materials and encouraging students to keep checking their rubrics to keep themselves on track.

Military Intelligence: Sharing the Projects

10 minutes

Because the projects take so long to complete, we don't have time to share.  Sometimes when this happens, I do one of two things.  I create a gallery where the projects are hung and students can look at their leisure, or I hold the projects back and we share one at a time until everyone's done. This time we created a gallery since it was for Veteran's Day and I wanted the projects up for all to see.