Assessment of a System of Linear Equations

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SWBAT master solving a system of equations using any method, and show the work to support the solution.

Big Idea

The purpose of this assessment is to check the students ability to choose appropriate methods to be successful working each problem.

Overview of the Assessment

The purpose of this Test on Systems of Equations is for students to make their own decision on what method to use and to solve the problems.  Students have been introduced to different methods in the unit with reasoning of the best time to use each method.  These methods have included graphing, substitution, and elimination.  This test is a summative assessment to allow students to make their own decision on the appropriate method to use.  The work should be logical, and the solution should be stated or explained. Students are required to graph one of the problems.  I have worked with students to distinguish between word problems involving linear combinations, and linear functions in slope intercept form throughout the year and in this unit.  The two word problems at the end of the review and in the assessment allows me to check student understanding of distinguishing between these 2 types of problems.

Review for an Assessment on a System of Linear Equations

I intend for the Review to be similar to the assessment because I the students are more successful when they know what to expect.  I have had more success with students trying the problems on their own as homework and in guided practice, then just teaching the review.  I take questions, and ask questions after students have attempted the problems.  I try to emphasize certain points that I feel is important, and group similar problems together to discuss.  I use individual white boards when going over some of the problems to compare student work.

Assessment of a System of Linear Equations

50 minutes

This Test on Systems of Equations is meant to take under 50 minutes to allow some slower paced students to finish the test in 50 minutes.  There are 8 problems, with both special cases in the set of problems.  Number 4 is a system of equations that are the same line, therefore the solution is infinitely many solutions.  Number 6 contains 2 parallel lines, and therefore there is no solution. Finally, the last 2 word problems represent a linear combination, and 2 linear functions that are increasing situations.  I want students to be able to translate the words into equations, tables, or some logical representation, and solve each problem.  I also allow students a Retake Test if needed that I have provided as an extra resource.  It is similar to the review and to the assessment.  It is not exactly the same, but again, I want the students to know what to expect.