Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Test

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Students will be able to show what they know about complex numbers and quadratic equations.

Big Idea

Test student on their knowledge of complex numbers and quadratic equations..

Quadratic Equations Test

50 minutes

I always make two versions of a test and pass them out checkerboard style.  I ask students to show work on tests or quizzes.  This test was based on the learning objectives of each lesson in this unit and reflects the practice test.   Please watch the Video Narrative discussing a particularly interesting test question.

This assessment was created with Kuta Software which is an amazing resource for any mathematics teacher.


I offer a variety of Extra Credit puzzle for students who finish early and have no make up work to complete.  This includes, but is not limited to; sudoku, mathdoku, logic problems, picture mazes, and pixel puzzles. A couple of my favorites are: Griddlers  and  Concept is puzzles

Both sites offer a number of free puzzles as well as purchasable books. Pixel Puzzle are a particular favorite.  The Mathdoku are also great.  They can increase a student's numeracy abilities if done regularly.