Geometry Reveiw: The Stations

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The students will be able to show and explain their knowledge of fifth grade geometry concepts.

Big Idea

Round and round we go… to review geometry!

Setting Up the Stations

60 minutes


Within this lesson you find the compoenents of the stations included in the review.  A brief summary of the activity is provided and materials can be found within the materials used for previous lessons.  I recommend explaining the stations to the students on the first day followed by three rotations.  The second day I would jump into the remaining four stations. 

An exit slip is provided as a way to monitor progress of students each day.  This is something I use to address any misconceptions students may still have or if re-teaching is necessary.



Magnet Fun

15 minutes


Magnet fun-  Students will practice plotting and naming coordinates with their partner.  Students are given a coordinate grid to use during this activity.  The partners take turns plotting a point and asking their partner to name the coordinate.  The partners can also ask the opposite form and require their partner to plot the coordinate they named. 

Vocab Review in the Campfire

15 minutes


 Vocab review in the campfire- The campfire is a place in my room where my class has focused discussions.  This station will have students creating their own discussion based on the vocabulary that was introduced in this unit.  The math vocabulary words are posted in the campfire on my math board so the students are easily able to see them.  We have had several discussions about our new vocabulary so I will ask them to have a similar type of discussion with their group.  They should be asking for definitions and providing examples of the words. 


Ploygon Sort

15 minutes


Polygon sort- I will provide the students with several cut outs of polygons ask them to group them based on their characteristics.  The focus is that they are creating that hierarchy of shapes based on their attributes.  The students did this is a few of the previous lessons so they should be familiar with how to sort the polygons.  I tell them they may use anything in their math folder that may assist them with sorting these shapes.  I also ask them to focus their discussion on why each shape is included in each category.


15 minutes


Graphing – I will provide the students with a graph and an empty table to fill in.  I will also have them discuss any patterns in the data and summarize the information in graph.  The students should be reviewing the parts of a graph/grid as well.  The students need to discuss with their partner the parts of the graph and how to fill in a table. 

Angle Types

15 minutes


Angle types- I will have students draw triangles and their partner has to decide what type of angles are within the triangle.  Students should be given white boards to use to draw angles.  The partnerships also need to create definitions for the three types of angles.  Students may also draw polygons and ask the partner to identify if the shape is regular and irregular with some evidence. 

Labeling the Grid

15 minutes


Labeling Grid- I will provide the students will a blank grid and ask them to label the parts of the grid.  I will also ask them to create definitions for each item they labeled.  The purpose of this station is to check the mastery of vocabulary associated with this unit. 

Test Prep

15 minutes


Test Prep –  Within this station I will be able to work with students to identify if there are still any areas of weaknesses they have.  I will ask students to think back and previous lessons and assignments they may have struggled with.  This station basically becomes like a question and answer session.  I would also like to review with students the types of questions they will see on the assessment.  I show them the I can statements associated with portions of the test and ask them to think if they actually can do that. I try to support the student in any way possible.