Pretesting The Multiplication Unit

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SWBAT show what they already know about multiplication prior to delving into the multiplication unit.

Big Idea

Students take a pretest designed to measure what they know about multiplication and word problems involving multiplication.

Understanding the Goals

10 minutes

I introduced this new unit  by telling students that the last unit, Multiplication Concepts, had prepared them with tools for understanding higher level work. I listed the standards on the board: They were excited that there were only six in this unit.

1. Use area model to multiply. It has been decided that area model is our "go to" strategy for teaching multiplication because it solidifies understanding of place value's role in multiplication. Standard algorithms are "out" for fourth grade. Equations are necessary when we are solving word problems. We do expect our students to use arrays when it is practical for solving.

2. Solve multiple step word problems using a variable.

3. Multiply 4 digits ( thousands place) by a one digit number.

4. Learn to multiply double digit by double digit numbers.

5. Understand and compute multiples of 10.

6. Explain multiplication using place value understanding.

I always leave these on the white board and refer back to them any time I am teaching or assessing so they constantly are reminded of the purpose. I listed the codes because I wanted them to know that  these are real standards and not something I am making up. I mirrored my CCSS ap on the Smartboard and pointed to each standard as I listed our more "student friendly worded" goals.

Ready, Set, Pretest

30 minutes

I passed out the Multiplication Test Pretest  that I thought was aligned with CCSS. It was a test that we pieced from other tests, thinking that they were aligned. That was partially true, but still was not the best test to assess the standards. As I have studied the standards further, I knew it must be re written, completely aligning it with the standards involving multiplication. The aligned test, Multiplication Unit Assessment Re Written & Common Core Alligned is the correct version.

After I reminded my students that they needed to do their best and to skip any they didn't know how to solve. I told them I was looking to find out what they needed to know. I was hoping to see some old strategies used learned from past units, like KWS ( What do I know?, What do they want to know?, and How do I solve it? ) chart strategy used for word problems. I instructed students that when they were finished,  to log onto their iPad and work on a math app quietly until all were finished.

After I pretested, I used Multiplication Checklist Common Core Alligned to monitor mastery of the standards. After the Post test, I can use this grid to plan for RTI and use it as a document that proves mastery. It is a very helpful tool!