Biographies: The Characters are Beginning to Take Shape

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SWBAT create a visual representation of their biography subject to use in their presentation of information to the class. Students will also continue to gather information as we continue to read "Who was Dr. Seuss."

Big Idea

We are making LIFE-SIZE representations of the people we are studying in our biographies by tracing our bodies and dressing them up as the that person. We will also read further in "Who was Dr. Seuss?"


Life-Size Cut-Outs

30 minutes

As we start today's lesson, I will check in with the students and ask how their reports are coming.  This is our last day before our fall break.  We will be gone 5 days and I want to be sure that the students are thinking about the report and don't forget to complete it over the long break.  I have found that the more I talk about an important assignment, the better participation I have.  My goal is 100% this year.  That is a lofty goal considering I have 48 students between my two classes, but that is the goal!  

This activity is a student favorite.  The kids LOVE creating the people from their biographies.  It is easiest to do this project outside or in the gym.  (Lucky today it is abnormally warm for the end of November in Utah.  A lot of times we have snow on the ground this time of year.) You need a piece of butcher paper for each student that is at least as tall as they are.  Each person chooses a partner and they take turns tracing each other's bodies.  Then they cut out the shape.  This takes FOREVER so there won't be time to color them in today but we will work on that when we get back from fall break.   

These characters will be used as visual aids when the students presents their biography research reports to the class.

Who was Dr. Seuss? Chapters 2 and 3

30 minutes

As we start chapters 2 and 3 in "Who was Dr. Seuss" by Janet B. Pascal, I will remind the students to take out their note sheets. (I try to point out some of the important facts in the story that might be found on the test at the end of the unit.)

I will have a student summarize chapter 1 to refresh our memories before we dive into chapters 2 and 3.  

These chapters focus on the first jobs Theodore Geisel received which led him on the path to becoming a famous children's book author.

After we have read through chapters 2 and 3, we will discuss the notes the students decided to take during this section of reading.