Is the Movie Better Than the Book?

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SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing based on the novel and film of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Big Idea

The age-old question: How well did the movie capture the book?


5 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I will take a few minutes to have students share some of the similarities and differences they found between the novel and the film during yesterday's viewing.  This is a simple, teacher-led discussion meant to get everyone's head back into the game.  Twenty-four hours is a lifetime when you're in middle school!

Getting Down to Business

35 minutes

For the remainder of this class period, I show the second half of the 1938 version of Tom Sawyer OR I show the following:

  • Disney's "Tom & Huck": Tom's Funeral through the end of the courtroom scene.
  • 1973 Musical: It's a Miracle through the end.


As they watch, students are to continue filling out the graphic organizers.

Did They Get It?

10 minutes

During the last few minutes of class, I hand out the writing assignment based on the film(s).  This is a homework assignment, and I remind students that they will need to staple their graphic organizer to the paragraph.

Before they leave, I draw their attention to the grading rubric on the back of the sheet.  I ask them to make sure they're doing their very best work.  I remind them that the need to provide me with enough evidence to be able to mark a "4" for every category!