Review Day!

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SWBAT review all concepts from the linear equations unit through a group activity.

Big Idea

Students will use teamwork and academic perseverance to reach a common goal.


10 minutes

Students will solve the Do Now at their seats. Some of the equations require students to distribute twice, so I provide a visual hint on number four to guide students to distribute the inside of the equation first. Six students will come up to the board to show their work and solutions on the whiteboard for the class to review.

A student will then read the objective: SWBAT review all concepts from the linear equations unit through a group activity.

Group Activity

60 minutes

This assignment is differentiated. For the review, each student will receive one page (either page K, R, or W) depending on his/her current level of fluency. I ask students to work independently on this activity.  The end of unit assessment is quickly approaching.

Students will come up to me to check their answers. If they get a question correct, they will cross off one space on the game board. The colored spaces are special squares; students will perform the corresponding action for the class if they land on it. If a student lands on a multi-colored space, they will receive a small piece of candy.

I motivate the group by telling them that there are over 100 game spaces, but since each student has only has 12 questions that they can complete, everyone has to contribute, and everyone is equally valuable. I encourage students to clap for their peers as they cross off squares, since each space brings us closer to our end goal.

I will float around the classroom checking student’s answers, and providing help to others as they work. If the class is able to reach the finish line before the end of class they will receive a prize (a small snack, homework pass, or extra credit on an assessment).

End of Unit Reflection

10 minutes

Students will complete the Unit Reflection towards the end of class. I will ask them to be as honest as possible, and if they are uncomfortable with a response they can choose to leave their name off of the entire paper.

I will analyze the student responses and share out a summary of the student’s responses at the beginning of our next class.

Sample Assessment Questions

My students will take an interim assessment that is created by my school district (DCPS). I have attached three sample questions from the assessment that show the level of rigor and reasoning required for students to demonstrate mastery of the standards covered in this unit.