Interactive Anchor Chart - 10

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SWBAT exemplify the number 10 in a variety of ways.

Big Idea

Lots of classes use anchor charts, but it's even MORE useful and FUN to make an anchor chart together so that everyone can use and enjoy.

Attention Grabber/Introduction

3 minutes

“Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday!  You know what that means…” I say as kindergartners walk in.

“Ooo!  It’s a shiny 10!” one of my buddies blurts, directing all of our attention to the empty laminated 10 by the calendar.

 “You know it friends!  On your tables is lots of ways to make 10.  Do your very best work as we prepare our 10 on this very special week.”  I announce with a smile. 

We get busy working immediately.  Wow!  What a fun welcome to the week!

Independent Practice

10 minutes

The students know just what to do as we begin making our ways to show 10.  They work on the many options for illustrating 10 on each table.  I keep moving, as always, talking with the students about the tally marks and the dominoes… all of the ways to show 10.

I make sure to provide reinforcing, specific feedback when, for instance, a kiddo who routinely scribbles is slowly coloring with precision.  We use the term "precise" often, and students know how important it is to be precise when doing math (and science too!).  When a kiddo says “4 and 6 is the same as 6 and 4” flipping a domino around playfully, I respond, “You are so right!  You’re playing with a domino, but you’re also doing algebra!  (Now, get busy coloring that domino,)”, I whisper with a smile.  Let them feel “big!”  Let them see those connections to math when they’re older.  I mention algebra now, and I can’t wait to hear about how easy and understandable algebra is when they get older and they come back to visit!


10 minutes

 “Alright, let’s get this awesome work posted so we can all learn a little better or a little easier,” I suggest.

We talk about the 10 footballs that take up the entire “1,” (with the exception of the number word “ten.” 

We talk with genuine interest about the extra set of tallies after the initial set of 5, and I use this as a preview for their work the following day when we each make two sets of tally with remarkable ease!

We talk about the completely filled ten frame, and student comments, “It looks happy to have all the circles home.”  I say, “Yeah!  Kinda like the Mama Duck when the 5 little ducks go out to play!  She wants her ducks to come home!” 

“So, how’s our 10 looking this week?  Can we use the 10 as a tool to help us learn?" (MP.5)

“Yes!” students exclaim.  We are ready to start the week!