Blackout Imagery Presentations -One Step Ahead of Hitler

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SWBAT use their project as a visual aid to relay to the class an important, salient point from their section of the book

Big Idea

Do you see what I see?

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Trailer Tuesday, so I will show students a book trailer or two depending on length. I select trailers for new release books and great books that students aren't picking up. (The link provided will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining more about my use of book trailers.)

There are several sites online for locating book trailers.  A quick search on you tube will locate several. Of course, always preview the trailer before showing a class.

Finalizing & Presenting Projects

35 minutes

To open class I will remind my students of the Dumbledore's quote, Words are our most inexhaustible form of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.".  Then, I will remind them of the goal/challenge they were given.

To use the magic of words for good.

I will say - "Specifically I asked you to:

Consider what you read in your section of the book, One Step Ahead of Hitler.  If you could share an idea, feeling or event in that section with others, what would it be.

Words are powerful.  Let’s use them to make people curious about the book, share what we felt reading the book, or relay a moment from your section.

Let's see how we did..."


Wrap Up

15 minutes

To wrap up, I will ask students to reflect in their journals. 

Which projects presented today were your favorite?  Why?

Where you proud of your own?  Would you have done anything differently?