Blackout Imagery Project Part 2 -One Step Ahead of Hitler

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SWBAT collaborate to create a project using language and an image that is reflective of the scene.

Big Idea

What images do you see in the book?

Warm Up

5 minutes

To open class today, I will ask a few pairs to show the class what they have completed so far with their project.  Based on what I saw in the last class and what has been created so far, I will point out successful techniques and caution against techniques to avoid.

Finally, I will encourage students to ask questions of others around them to share ideas.  I will remind them that their project is to be completed by the end of the period for sharing tomorrow.  

It is my goal that every pair be proud of their creation regardless of artistic skill or lack of.

Project Work

45 minutes

I want students to have as much time as possible to work today, so I will ask students to quickly rearrange themselves (giving them to the count of ten to do this themselves) so they are seated next to their reading partner for One Step Ahead of Hitler. Then, I will ask each pair to pick up their work from the designated area of the room. All other material are still in the caddy from the previous class.

As students begin to work on their task, I will walk around the room watching, listening and assisting as needed.

See the resource video regarding my rubric for more on what I am looking for.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

By the time we close class, I will have visited with each group to check in on their progress, but more importantly to make sure they are focused on the goal correcting any problems that arise. At this point, I'll ask students to clean up. This includes having one student from each table bring the completed project (with names on the back) to a designated location in the room.

If you follow me, you know that I like to eliminate a lot of chaotic movement at the end of class - (frantic clean-up), I always have students put all other materials (scissors, glue, rulers, etc.) in the caddy.  This helps the next class as well since the items they need will be in the caddy upon arrival.