Blackout Imagery Project Part 1- One Step Ahead of Hitler

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SWBAT select words and phrases from a given page of text to create an image and relay an idea reflective of the text.

Big Idea

Using the power of information for good...

Warm Up

15 minutes

Today is Free Read Friday.  (The link here takes will take you to an earlier lesson with my reflection explaining Free Read Friday.) Students will read their personal library books for the first 15 minutes of class.

Lesson/Project Work

35 minutes

To introduce the project for today, I will show the class the video below about Austin Kleon.

Next, I will display the powerpoint attached and walk students through their task it before pairing them up with their partners.

After the powerpoint, I will ask students to rearrange themselves (giving them to the count of ten to do this themselves) so they are seated next to their reading partner for One Step Ahead of Hitler. Then, I will give each pair copies of selected pages from their section of the book. The students will then select which page they want to go with and return the others to me.  

Following the same pattern of the Blackout Poetry of Austin Kleon, students will use selected text to "highlight" and idea from their page.  Then, they'll work to create an image out of the blacked out and highlighted text on the page.

When ready, students will select a shade of card stock as a background that reflects the mood of the message they chose to highlight. When introducing this, I'll remind students of the importance of mood and how it relates to color.

As students begin to work on their task, I will walk around the room watching, listening and assisting as needed.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To close class, I will ask students to clean up. This includes having one student from each table bring the project text and card stock background piece to a designated location in the room.

To eliminate a lot of movement, I always have students put all other materials (scissors, glue, rulers, etc.) in the caddy.  This helps the next class as well since the items they need will be in the caddy upon arrival.

Another reason I love my caddies!!