Paired Text Self Assessment

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SWBAT assess their own work with the scoring criteria.

Big Idea

I'm grading my own work?

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today students will continue Tween Tribune commenting.  If you follow me you know my students love Tween Tribune. They love it, so I plan to allow them to continue to get on the site at least once a week.  Of course, they can also access their account on their own time.

Today students can read new articles, see if anyone has replied to their comments and reply to comments from students around the country/world.

Guided Practice

25 minutes

Today's lesson is all about self-assessment.  This is something I want my students to internalize, so I wait until this point in the year to introduce it.  

Essentially, I will hand back the short answer responses from class Friday, and walk my students through evaluating them.  We will walk through the multiple choice questions looking at where specific evidence was found in the text to support each correct response -as we always do with multiple choice.

Then, we will talk about how the short answer can be evaluated.  My students have experience with scoring rubrics, but I will still display the rubric and walk them through it.  Depending on the class, I may ask for a volunteer to bring their paper up to display or I will display an example I already have. We will evaluate this one together. 

Since I reviewed student answers over the weekend, I know that their summary response in particular needs work.  One major problem that students at this level shouldn't be making is not covering the entire piece, but relaying only the beginning or focusing on on aspect of the piece in their summary. To remedy this and make them aware, I am going to display a new graphic organizer from a text I recently purchased, The Common Core Guidebook: Informational Text Lessons.  The graphic is simple and I like simple!  I'll use this to discuss an example and ask students, "If you used only information from your summary, could you fill in this graphic organizer?  If not, have you truly summarized the piece?" Many will see that they did not.  This will help them evaluate their response correctly.

Then, students will be expected to evaluate their own answers one at a time.

An important part of this is that I tell my students they want to match what I would give them, so no giving yourself what you do not earn.  I also require students to explain why they gave themselves the score with a bulleted list beside the response.

I will collect these to review and assign a grade.  As the self-assessment is part of the assignment, I always give students 10 extra points when their assessment is accurate.

I have attached two examples of student self-assessment.

Independent Work

15 minutes

During our discussion of self-assessment, I will bring student attention to capitalization issues. I reviewed the student short answers before giving them back to students today, and was completely distracted by the lack of capitalization.

If I am distracted others will be as well, and I will explain that to my students.

So, after students have completed their self assessment, I will ask them to log in to Edmodo for a independent task on capitalization.  They will be asked to view the Capitalization Powerpoint (following the directions within) and then, complete a practice quiz on Edmodo to assess their understanding. This will allow students to see immediate feedback.  I chose to do a quick quiz today since they will be writing another short answer set in the next lesson or two where I will expect to see improved capitalization in a more formal assessment.

Additionally, my students have daily access to their digital classroom, and therefore access to the powerpoint. Since the instructions in the powerpoint require them to make their own reference sheet, i do not see the need to give them one.  However, if you do not have this access you may want to give students a reference sheet instead.  

See my reflection for more on why I chose to do this.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I will (after looking at my Edmodo feedback) discuss the questions that we missed most on the capitalization practice.  I'll discuss examples and ask for questions/concerns form students.