Myth Project

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of myths through the creation of a myth with illustrations.

Big Idea

Yes, I too can create a myth!


90 minutes

Prompt:  Create an illustrated myth that explains a natural phenomenon and also teaches a lesson. You must include a god/goddess and a mortal.  Demonstrate your knowledge of writing process including relevant details and logical sequencing of events. Remember the setting is ancient Greece.


With a partner, students completed this culminating project as a final assessment to the folklore unit.

 Students used the pre-writing plan found in the resources for pre-writing to formulate their ideas.





30 minutes

Together partners began the pre-writing process using the pre-writing template found in the Resources.  They planned an explanation for a natural phenomenon, included a god and mortal, taught a lesson, and created ideas for their illustrations.

After organizing their ideas, students explained their myth to me to verify that they included a protagonist, antagonist, followed a plot line with a natural phenomenon, and identified a theme in their resolution.


Rough Draft

30 minutes

Using the pre-writing that students created together, one student was the writer, while the other was the illustrator.

While one student wrote the rough draft, the partner sketched ideas for the illustrations.  The plan was five illustrations to compliment the myth.  After showing me the sketches, the artist began the final copies of the illustrations on the template which is found in the Resources for the Final Copy.

Together, partners revised and edited the rough draft using the guidelines on the back of the pre-writing template found in the Resources in “Pre-writing" section.  

If necessary, students completed their rough drafts for homework.  Tomorrow, they will be creating the final product.

Revision and Editing

20 minutes

Students revised and edited their rough drafts.  Together, they should review the narrative and, also, discuss the impact that the illustrations have upon the myth. Additions and deletions should be made as partners.

As they revise/edit, partners should refer to the Myth Rubric (see Resources in Final) to verify that they are meeting the desired criteria.


Final Copy

40 minutes

The writer transcribes the final copy onto the template given (see Resources).   After completing the illustrations, students cut and glued the pictures onto the final copy

Using the grading rubric from the Resources, students used this as a guide for expectations.  I also asked them to evaluate their work based upon the rubric.