Shape Turkey

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Students will recognize, count, and graph shapes.

Big Idea

Kindergarten students enjoy completing holiday activities. In this lesson, students become shape detectives.


5 minutes

To introduce this lesson, I play an awesome dance song from Harry's Kindergarten. The song is titled, Turkey Time. I begin the lesson with this video for several reasons:

  • It gets my students up and moving. Kindergarteners are kinesthic learners, so any time I can use movement I do.
  • Children are asked to follow directions and repetitive movements in the song. Learning to listen to and follow directions never hurts.
  • The song gets my students thinking about Thanksgiving, and in the spirit to complete some holiday work.


My students absolutely love doing this dance, and singing along! I have included a video of my students during the song. The video is dark, because they always ask for the lights to be turned off to see the screen better. However, you can tell they are singing, dancing, and enjoying themselves.

This video is not always available online, but there are other marvelous songs for young children that celebrate the traditions of and reasons for Thanksgiving.


15 minutes

I ask the children to take a seat in front of the projection screen. During this time, I go over the directions for today's assignment.

This assignment requires students to identify shapes: pentagon, star, heart, diamond, and circle. Most students are familiar with all of these shapes with the exception of a pentagon. I introduce the word pentagon to my students, and ask them to repeat the word back to me three times. My hope is that this will help students recall the term.

On the board, I color in the key and explain the specific color for each shape.

  • pentagon-orange
  • star-yellow
  • heart-red
  • diamond-blue
  • circle-green


With the class helping me, I color, count, and graph the hearts. I don't find it really necessary to go on past the heart, most students catch on quickly.

In the event that some students finish early, I have also included a color by number on the back of the page.

While this lesson is fun, it is covering math skills such as identifying shapes, counting, and graphing.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

After the mini-lesson, I leave my example on the board and send students back to their tables to work independently. I have included pictures of us working. I have also included a picture of one student's color by number that was completed when they finished early.

As students finished, I asked them to explain to me what they had done. I have included a video of this. In the video, the student refers to the pentagon as a hexagon. How I addressed this can be found in my reflection. With the exception of some vocabulary, students did well counting and graphing.