Close Read: A Day's Work - Assessment Day

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SWBAT show what they have learned from our close read on "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting.

Big Idea

Today is our Assessment day on our close read unit on "A Day's Work"


Writing Prompt

20 minutes

As part of our assessment on A Day's Work, I will have the students respond to the following writing prompt:

What can I learn from these texts, "A Day's Work" and "The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot" about the importance of honesty?

I will review the rubric with the students before they begin so they remember what is required of them.  They will have a copy to look at as they write.

I will use the rubric included in the resources to grade the short essays.  When I create a rubric, I always try to make it almost impossible to get the lowest grade.  This helps boost confidence even in writers who may struggle.  


20 minutes

We have dug deep the last few days into the text "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting. Now the kids get the opportunity to show what they have discovered.  I will allow them to use the book to find their answers.  The new end of level testing in Utah, SAGE, requires students to find evidence from the text to support their answers.  I am hoping that practicing this with our assessments will make students more comfortable with this form of testing.