Close Read: A Day's Work - Art Integration

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SWBAT compare and contrast "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting with "The Gleaners" painting by Millet. The will also use art to express their ideas about Honesty.

Big Idea

We will be learning more about Jean Francois Millet and comparing his painting "The Gleaners" with "A Day's Work." We will then complete an art project to tie it all together.


Who is Jean Francois Millet?

15 minutes

Today we will be integrating art into our close read lesson.  It is becoming increasingly important that we tie the arts into our lessons as the curriculum demands continue to increase and time for the arts decreases.  Integrating the arts into language arts curriculum has many benefits. The students come to us with many different learning styles.  There are the auditory learners, the visual learners, the kinesthetic learners, etc.  When we integrate the arts in our lanuage arts lessons, we reach a broader range of these different learning styles.

In this lesson, we will be introducing the kids to Jean Francois Millet.  I have created a PowerPoint that I will use to teach about his life and show some examples of his art.  We have a large poster size printing of "The Gleaners" in our library that I have checked out to show the students as well. Later in the lesson we will be comparing this work of art to "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting.  This book has been the focus of our close read unit.

The Gleaners - Compare and Contrast

20 minutes

We will take a close look at the painting "The Gleaners" by Jean Francois Millet. I chose this piece to compare with "A Day's Work because they both represent workers how are working with plants so there are some similarities but yet many differences as well. I also chose this piece because I feel it is important for the students to learn about some of the master painters and to be able to recognize their works of art.  

I will ask the students to point out what they notice about the painting.  This will be an open discussion where the students are free to add anything they notice, see, or feel about the painting.

After a deep look at the painting, I will ask the students to give me a good summary of "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting to refresh our memories of the story.  After the summary, we will take a close look at the comparing the painting, "The Gleaners" with the story "A Day's Work."  We will talk about both the similarities and the differences between the two pieces.  

Honesty Art Project

20 minutes

Our art project today will tie this whole unit neatly together.  We will explore our essential question for the unit: What can we learn from the text about the importance of honesty? 

I plan to be very vague in the directions for this art project.  I find that the less directions or "rules" I give the students for their art, the more creativity the seems to display in their art.  I will tell them that I want them to create a project that visually represents what honesty means to them.  They should be able to explain to me when they are finished why their piece represents honesty.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To close our lesson today, I will ask some of the students to share their works of art and why they represent honesty to them.  It is always fun to end a lesson with students sharing their work with each other.