Unit Assessment: Trigonometric Relationships

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SWBAT use trigonometric identities and properties to solve a variety of problems.

Big Idea

Assess your students' understanding of this unit.

Unit Assessment

55 minutes

Here are some sample problems that you may choose to use for the assessment of this unit:

Trigonometric Relationships Exam Problems

While these problems all may look straightforward, there are many, many layers to each problem as students must keep in mind a lot of the knowledge that we have learned throughout this unit and the previous one.

For question #5, I ask students why the plus or minus symbol is an essential part of the cosine half angle formula. I want them to understand that this formula is derived from the double angle formula and that since there is a squared term, when we take the square root of both sides we get plus or minus. Also, I want students to understand that the sign (plus or minus) of their answer when using the formula depends on the quadrant. For example, if x is 300 degrees and use the half angle formula, we get cosine of 150 degrees. Since 150 degrees is in quadrant II, the cosine value would be negative.