Unit Review Game: Lingo

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SWBAT review this unit's important concepts for the exam.

Big Idea

Today's review game will bring high energy and deep thinking into the classroom.

Check Exam Review

20 minutes

Start today's class by putting the answers to yesterday's exam review on the overhead. I usually go around and see if I could clear up any minor errors while students are checking their work. Keep a tally of the questions they want to go over so you can see which problems are causing the most difficulty for students.

At this point in the chapter, it usually seems that solving equations is giving students the most trouble. There are many things to keep in mind while solving these problems and students can easily get bogged down by finding all angles that will be solutions to the equation. A question like #1d) can be really tricky for students (the equation is: 2sin(3x)cos(3x) = -0.45). Students must know the double angle formula, then find both angles where sine is equal to -0.45, then know that since the equation is sin(6x)= -0.45 that there will be another correct solution every 60 degrees since the period has changed. Definitely go through a problem like this so that students get another reminder of all the complexities that are involved.

Question #2 is also one that students have difficulty with. In the video below I discuss the different algebraic methods of solving the equation.

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Review Game: Lingo

30 minutes

Today we will be playing the game Lingo to help get students ready for tomorrow's exam. I always have students work on these games without notes so that they can see how prepared they are for tomorrow's exam. Students really enjoy this game and will ask to play it again and again throughout the year. It is high energy and will get everyone involved.

The rules of the game are given in slide 2 of the Powerpoint. After the students gets a question right, go through the question and have them explain how they got their solution. Go over any questions that students might have about the content.

In the video below I give instructions for how to play the Lingo round once they get the question correct.

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You may choose to use math words instead of random words. I have the student who got the question correct come up to the board and write their guesses in, but the rest of their team can help them out by shouting out suggestions.