Formative Assessment: Solving Trig Equations

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SWBAT solve trigonometric equations.

Big Idea

A partner quiz is an excellent opportunity for mathematical discourse.

Partner Quiz

30 minutes

For this quiz, I will randomly assign students with a partner and have them work together. I don't use partner quizzes all of the time, but when I do I am always impressed by how my students work together. Since there is a tangible incentive (a good grade), they are always very eager to discuss and defend their answers. Some of the best conversations will occur during this time. I discuss more about partner quizzes in this video.

I explain to students that they should both be doing the work and that they will staple their quizzes together when they turn them in. I will randomly select one quiz to grade and each student will get the same grade. This prevents one student from doing all of the work and both are held accountable. 

In this document are some sample questions that you may choose to use on your quiz. I try to give a variety of problems so that each type of equation solving (squaring both sides, using an identity, etc.) is featured. 

Exam Review

25 minutes

Here is a review to get students ready for the upcoming exam. This is traditionally a challenging unit for my students so I stress to them to put forth a good effort on this review and to make notes of problems or concepts that are still challenging for them. I discuss more about this in the video below.