Close Read: A Day's Work - Vocabulary

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SWBAT expand their vocabularies while learning the vocabulary words within "A Day's Work" and "The Boy who cried Bigfoot"

Big Idea

Today students are going to think they are playing games when really they are learning vocabulary words!!


Vocabulary Word Review

15 minutes

To start the day out, I have created vocabulary cards for the more difficult words in both "A Day's Work" by Eve Bunting and "The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot" by Scott Magoon.  I copied them onto card stock and made 6 copies of each so that I could use them in a game.  After I copied them onto card stock, I laminated them.  (I always like to reuse as much as possible.  Now I can use these cards for years to come!)  

I will use the vocabulary cards to review each of the words and their definitions with the students so that they are fresh in their memories when they start the game.

Vocabulary Game

20 minutes

This is the first year where I have started using printable board games for vocabulary practice.  The kids absolutely LOVE it!  I usually include a vocabulary review game as part of our small group instruction.  We play memory (turn all the cards over and take turns trying to match the word with the definition), dominoes, and board games with our vocabulary words.  If I don't have a vocabulary game planned as part of small groups, I definitely hear about it.

We will be using a board game today to work on our vocabulary acquisition.  I have included the game board in the resources.  I printed out 6 copies of the game board and laminated them each with a thick lamination (5 mil.)  It would also work to print them out, mount them on cardboard for stability, and then laminate them. 

The game directions are included with the game board.

Independent Vocabulary Practice

15 minutes

I want to solidify these words and definitions with the students, so while the words are fresh in their minds, I will have the kids create a vocabulary graphic organizer.  The students will write each of the vocabulary words, the meanings, a sentence for each word, and a small picture.  

These sheets will serve as a great review before our assessment at the end of this unit.

I walk around and try to ensure that each student has correct definitions for each word.