Taking Notes iPad Style

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SWBAT type in notes, pertaining to their reading, into the app Notes on their iPad.

Big Idea

Practice using technology is important and taking notes is a readiness skill. iPads can be very useful in how students stay engaged in their learning. This guided lesson uses the app Notes and students will type in bulleted notes from our reading material.

Rule Reminders

2 minutes

I have found that going over the rules of the iPads as we begin using them in different ways to be very beneficial. It is a way to make sure that everyone understands the rules and gives you the structure to assure they are used correctly. 

Instead of giving the rules, I ask the class to help me make some rules that they all can follow. I try to help them write the rules in a positive way, mainly I try to say them without no or don't. I have included an example of the rules my class came up with before they received their iPads. 

What Do We Need to Remember?

5 minutes

Today we are going to practice using the Notes App to keep track of important details from our reading. You can do this with any text. We are reading a biography and I thought that it would more engaging to use the iPads with it.

Before reading we go over what we remember from the previous day. Just to get our brain ready, it also helps if you have students who are absent and need a quick catch up.

First we are going to need to read and discuss our reading for today. If you choose to do this with another text I would just do more to activate prior knowledge so that they are more focused on the material they will be gathering details from. 

While we read I ask lots of clarifying questions. The questions I ask are all relevant to the notes we will be adding to the Notes App. By focusing on the questions, students are more likely to remember them as important enough to add to our notes.  


iPad Notes

15 minutes

All the notes we take this morning will go into the Notes App. I ask students to now find the app and open it. We go over how to add a new note, a title and their name to the note page they will write their notes on.  

It is important to show them before they begin adding notes how to tap a line to get the keyboard to pop up. It is also good to model what it means when a word appears with a red line under it. I show them how to tap the word to get the options for correct spelling and to choose the correct word. This will always get a great "WOW" with some. 

Then together we add the details from our reading we felt were important. This is our first try and using the app will be tricky for some. It is easier to work together choosing details and paraphrasing for our notes. We do a note at a time and as students type, I will walk around and help those that either need app support or typing support. I did have one student misspell a word and no suggestions popped up. This drove him crazy and in order to fix it I had to help him retype that note. Once the red line was gone, all was right again. 

Once the notes are added, I ask the class to go back to the home screen. I want to show them how the iPad automatically saves their work and how it will look when we open the Notes App next time.