iPads All Day

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SWBAT use their iPad to look up information and takes notes on during the school day.

Big Idea

iPads are a wonderful tool, but only when they are out and available to your students. This lesson is to help students understand some of the basic uses for their iPad during their day and also how to be successful with it as tool in all subjects.

The Rules

5 minutes

Instead of giving the rules, I ask the class to help me make some rules that they all can follow. I try to help them write the rules in a positive way, mainly I try to say them without no or don't. I have included an example of the rules my class came up with before they received their iPads. 

They are using the whole iPads for the first time all day. I realized that new rules were needed. The biggest ones I could think of was how would they keep them during the day safe. I also thought about how important it would now be for students to focus on lessons and not on the iPad. I came with cues for when they would need to be put up and not be used or touched. My cue was simple, "iPads Up."



5 minutes

The modeling portion of the lesson focuses on the rules we created and the ones I added for when we have them out all day. I make sure to model where they will be located on their desk to keep safe and give them reasons why. I model how to carry, listen while the teacher is talking, manners, keeping my hands away from my mouth, and setting items on it. Not only do I model the right way, I also model the incorrect way. This gets some laughs, but has an impact on what is acceptable. 

Practice and Exploration

15 minutes

It is now time for students to practice the rules I just modeled. We go through each rule as a class. Students take turns being the model for correct and incorrect behaviors with iPads. Then we practice them again as a whole class. Focusing on those that are crucial to when I need the classes attention, when we are ending the lesson, and when I need them to get ready to transition to other subjects or specials. 


iPads Up

5 minutes

After we have specifically practiced the rules, I choose an App for them to explore. I then test them with all of the rules to see if they can demonstrate the expectations we have made when they are actually working with them. It is always a good feeling when the class follows the expectations perfectly and demonstrates the correct behaviors for success. 

Once the iPads are "up." We have a discussion on what went well and what did not. We decide if any other rules need to be made or changed. The big picture is getting their buy in to why these rules are important and the importance of following them.