Unit 3 Assessment

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SWBAT share what they understand about using numbers to 100 on an assessment.

Big Idea

It is important to assess students periodically to plan for future lessons to meet student needs.


30 minutes

Today we are coming to the end of the unit on Place Value and working with numbers above 20. I am interested to see if students have a basic understanding of what we have been working on. I begin the lesson with an independent, paper and pencil assessment (Everything In Place Assessment). I tell students that they will work on their own and that when they are done, I will have a project for them to work on. 

I pass out the papers and tell students that if they have any questions, they should raise their hand and I will come to them. I do not want students to be unable to do the math because they can not read the problem as it is presented. I am willing to rephrase a question, or point out something we have done in the past that is similar to what is being asked on the assessment. I hope that students will be able to make sense out of the problems and solve them independently (MP1). They may use manipulatives to model the problems (MP4). I leave out tenframes, open number lines, number grids, coins and base ten blocks for students to use as needed. They should be able to pick the correct tools for each problem (MP5).

Students work independently until they are done. At that point they come to get the directions for the project. 


20 minutes

I explain to students that they will be measuring out 1 inch strips to make paper chains. I show students how to use the ruler to measure 1 inch from the edge of a 8 X 11 sheet of construction paper.  I show them how to  draw the lines and cut out the one inch strips. These strips can be cut out of different colored paper and then joined together into chains. 

Students are to work independently until everyone has completed the assessment and then the paper chains can be joined together. 

I do show how to do this before the students begin the assessment, and I show students where the materials are. I remind them that when they finish the assessment they need to hand it in to the Finished Work Basket and then pick up the colored paper, ruler and scissors and work quietly until everyone is finished and I ring the bell. 

This measurement activity is a practice activity for an upcoming measurement unit.