A Quick Quiz: Writing about an Array

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SWBAT show they understand how to calculate the solution to a word problem using an array.

Big Idea

A Show Me What You Know Quiz: Students show what they know about arrays through writing and explanation.

Quick Warm Up on iPads

10 minutes

Warming Up with an  iPad ap: Kids worked on iPads today on the ap Math Blaster Space Zappers. This iTunes Math Blasters product is a great tool for drilling facts and supporting fluency that is expected by CC 4.NBT.B.4. I went around and set their games to their own level to differentiate. Some students are multiplying and dividing already and one or two students try to set the settings to addition and subtraction to avoid multiplication facts! So, I find it important to really monitor what they are doing!

I like using a game or brain teaser type warm up before a quiz to help them relax. This upcoming quiz will require a good deal of conceptual thought and writing, so I used this light, but stimulating warm up.

The Quiz

30 minutes

 Quiz 2 Show Me What you Know

This short quiz is packed with formative information. Through this quiz I am assessing the following things to show mastery of the standard:

1. Can the student show me that they understand the order of the comparison (rows multiplied by columns) in an array and show it clearly? ( Can they write the equation to the array precisely as it is presented?) i.e. 4 rows of 5 items= 4x5 and NOT 5 rows of 4 items.

2. Can they take a real world situation and apply their mathematical understanding of arrays to that situation? ( The orchard problem)

3. Can they write an equation using that logic and solve the problem?

4. Can they explain their reasoning clearly?

I think that continual evaluation of my students’ mathematical writing is important to my practice as we transition to Common Core. It is also important to include writing on quizzes as we prepare to take CCSS aligned state exams such as P.A.R.C. or Smarter Balance. I think they need to understand that they are accountable for their thinking and explanations of reasoning. This quiz supports the step in that direction!