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SWBAT create a useful invention, write a simple script, and record their commercial using an iPad.

Big Idea

A fun way to introduce scripts and get students involved in ways they can use the iPad to present. This lesson brings up numerous ways for students to engage themselves in new learning.

Vocabulary to Begin

4 minutes

Vocabulary is key in any new lesson. Before I give them the materials to build their invention, I want them to focus on the new vocabulary they need to understand first. I write the words I want them to focus on the board. Creativity, Innovative, Collaboration, and Invention. I ask the groups to try to come up with definitions to these words. They can use any resources necessary to determine what the words mean and why they are important to our lesson. 

These words could be added to a concept wall or to a word wall so that students can reference these words throughout the year. For this lesson, I am going to use the white board and then add these words to a word wall. 

We will have a brief discussion about each word and add our own definitions on the board. I will use these definitions to begin the rules for creating their invention and the commercial they will make to go with it. The discussion will be on why these words were chosen before beginning the activity. 

Building the Invention

30 minutes

The first part of the lesson is building the invention. The groups or "teams" will be using random materials to come up with a useful invention that can be useful to others. The materials I give the groups are random pieces or various materials that I already had. Materials that I used: clothes pins, markers, blocks, paper clips, rubber bands, scrap paper, envelopes, magnets, yarn, duct tape, etc. 

The directions are to use these materials to build a useful item that does not already exists. They will all have to have input into it's creation and determine its use. They do not have to use all the materials, and can ask for extra if they can give good reason on why they should get more of a specific material. 

They now just need time to work on their inventions. I walk around and just monitor. I want to make sure that everyone is getting a turn and a say with the inventions progress.

Writing a Simple Commercial

10 minutes

Once the invention is complete, the teams now need to try to decide on a commercial. First they need to brainstorm some ideas. I explain that writing down everyone's ideas is a good idea in case they can combine ideas. They will need to work together to determine what would be the best way to sell their invention.

When they are set on an idea, they need to write a script that shows what every team members role will be in the commercial. I show them a sample script and place it under the document camera. I go over that most scripts have a name followed by a colon. After the colon is what that person will be in charge of saying or doing in the commercial. 

For part of their grade I want to see the team's script. I am looking for each team members part and how it helps sell the product. I remind them to think of any commercials they have seen and try to use that as their model.

This is not a formative lesson on a script, but an attempt for them to use what they know to help create a commercial.

iPad Commercial

15 minutes

With the script being written,it is now time to video their commercial. They are going to be using an iPad to film their commercial. They will be doing their filming in another room so that their classmates can not see the commercial. They need to decide how they are going to film the commercial and they are given enough time to get it the way they want it. 

They need to make sure they follow the script they have written. In order to get the iPad they need to show me their finished script and I am checking to see that each team member has a part.

Sit Back and Watch

15 minutes

After all the commercials have been filmed it is time to watch them. I have asked each team to place their invention at the front of the room so we can see it while we watch the commercial. 

To give a grade I am asking the class to fill in a rubric on the commercial. Each group can get full points if the class can understand the purpose of their invention, we see each group member in the commercial, and the class feels it is creative and innovative. These are the vocabulary words we used at the beginning of the activity.