Probability Quiz

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SWBAT analyze decisions and strategies using probability concepts.

Big Idea

Putting the applications and learning activities to the test!

Dress for Success!

5 minutes

Prior to a quiz or test day, I always give my students a quick conversation about test taking strategy.  I begin by talking to them about what college final exam week looks like.  In college, the majority of students pull the infamous "all nighters" and show up to class in sweat pants and baseball caps pulled down over their tired eyes.  Cramming for a test is no way to study!  Not only is most of this effort futile, but most of the students also aren't confident in themselves after their effort.  For this reason, a few friends and I started a new tradition in college.  I explain to the students that a handful of us would "dress for success" on finals day.  This meant that rather than wearing sweat pants and looking sloppy, we would wear shirts and ties to take the test in.  Although it was a "goofy" move, it  helped us stay relaxed and confident in ourselves.  Walking to class, we had a business-like approach - and we carried that mindset right through the end of the test.  It always worked great for us!


Although I am not advocating that my students wear shirts and ties to this quiz, it is always nice to share a personal story to two with the students throughout the year.  I don't do this type of thing every day, but the students do remember stories like this long after they leave the class!  I have had many students visit me after high school to tell me that they too "dressed for success" during their final exam week.  This always brings a smile to my face to see that the tradition continues.

Quiz and Grading

40 minutes