Final Novel Discussion

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Students will be able to discuss a novel by posing and responding to questions, incorporating others into discussion, and presenting their own ideas and justifications.

Big Idea

Moving beyond talking at one another--true discussion.

Do Now: Target Review

10 minutes

After seven practice discussions and plenty of feedback, students are ready for their final discussion of their novels. To make sure that they meet all aspects of the standard, we review my expectations before they begin.

I ask students to find their notes on discussion. We read through the proficient scores (level 3), and I ask students to rephrase the standard language to check for full understanding.

I offer a few final tips:

  • make eye contact with your group as you talk
  • don't be afraid to pause summaries to add information or comment
  • reference events from prior discussions

Finally, we are ready.


35 minutes

Students break into groups for their final discussions. I allow two groups to move to the hallway for less background noise for everyone. As students discuss and film, I walk quietly around the room and hall, watching for full engagement from all students.

After students complete their discussions, they submit their films to me via email or YouTube (with a link sent through email).

I am able to quickly and accurately assess their work thanks to the films. Students have made a great deal of growth in this unit, moving far beyond their original attempts at discussion in which they simply read from their logs. Notice how in the video resource, the students push beyond the plot of the novel to consider why characters acted as they did and what key ideas we can take away. The knowledge they have built through their discussions will help them further develop their theme-analysis skills in their next major assignment, an upcoming video project about their novels.