Thanksgiving Counting Book

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Students will be able to count and write the numerals 0-10 using ten frames.

Big Idea

Students love using tools to aid them in math. In this counting lesson, students use bingo dabbers to create ten frames.


10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I gather students on the carpet for a story. I read the book, Ten Fat Turkeys, by Tony Johnston. This silly book counts down from ten, and the kids love it. I chose this book to get the children ready for today's lesson because it actively engages them in counting and gets them thinking about math.


10 minutes

Before students can move on to independent practice, a brief mini-lesson must be taught. The mini-lesson will provide students clear and precise instructions about what my expectations are when completing the Thanksgiving Counting Book. I found this book for free on Teachers Pay Teachers by Heather Willcut. Please see resources for a copy.

An important part of this lesson is discussing the use of bingo dabbers. In my reflection, you will find how I talk with my students about the use of bingo dabbers, and setting clear expectations.

In my explanation to students, I discuss that we trace the number, write the number, and bingo dab the number. I complete the first three pages of the book (numerals 0-2) with the whole group. I feel it is important to give several examples of what the finished product should look like, so by the time we complete three pages on the carpet together, all of my children have caught on. I also refer to our classroom math wall as I demonstrate. The math wall has ten frames and corresponding numbers, so this is another visual for the kids to use if they get stuck. Here is a picture of what we currently have on the math wall:

Independent Practice

20 minutes

As students work independently, I play counting music from Harry's Kindergarten. I LOVE his songs, and he has a great YouTube channel. The particular song I played for today is the Number Words Rap. I picked this song, because it shows ten frames for numerals 1-10, which gives my students another visual. Below is a link to the video (an ad must be skipped over). In addition, I have included a video of the class working on this. This video can be found in the resources.

As students are working, I am moving around the room assisting. Some students were having issues forming numbers correctly on their own, so this was an area I needed to sit and focus on with those children. As students complete the book, they must put their thumb in the air to indicate they are ready for me to come over and take a look at their book. Once I have gone over the book, students place it in their mailbox for home.