Interim Assessment Review Day 2 of 3: Transformational Geometry (Part 1 of 2)

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SWBAT prepare for the fall interim assessment.

Big Idea

This review lesson covers content from the Transformational Geometry unit. Students identify transformations and transform figures on the coordinate plane.

Do Now

5 minutes

At the beginning of the lesson, I ask students to write a description, in their own words, of the terms "transformation," "reflection," "rotation," and "translation." I am not looking for formal definitions at this point, I want to see how much students remember. During the activity section, students will review the formal definitions.  


30 minutes

Before the Unit 1, 2, and 3 Interim Assessment, we have several days of review. It is important to review content before the assessment to help students identify skills they still need to practice. In this lesson, students practice questions involving transformations. Students are asked to identify transformations and transform figures on the coordinate plane.

Students work independently on most of the questions. They use their notebooks for reference and if they have further questions, they ask students at their tables for help. The tables are groups with students of mixed abilities. Some students are strong in certain areas while other students are strong in different areas. They use their strengths to help each other answer questions they may have.

Towards the end of the activity section, I assign each student a specific question from 1 to 14 to give their answer to when we go over the sheet. After about 20 minutes, we go over the review sheet. Each student presents their specific transformation to the class on the document camera.




10 minutes

As a summary, we discuss the answers to question 15 on the sheet regarding compositions of transformations.

If I find that students had difficulty on this question, I have them actually reverse the order of the transformations and graph them on the grid. This helps students to see how the order of transformations in a composition can effect the image.