Personify it!

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SWBAT analyze text and determine the meaning of personification as it is used in writing.

Big Idea

Students bring emotions to life with personification!

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

To bridge the learning from yesterday, pass out the poem titled "The Train".  Have the students work to identify what is being personified, what human characteristics are given to personify the object and identify the picture that the poem paints for the reader. 

I will have the students read the poem and answer the questions on their own.  Once they have had some time, I will have them share their responses (Student Work-The Train) with their shoulder partner and then as a class. 


Guided Practice

20 minutes

Now that the students have had a chance to review personification, they are ready to start to create their own examples, just like an author would!

First, I will use the You Personify it!. power point to display the chart onto the board and show the students how to build an example of personification.  I will start with a noun, personify it with a verb, explain the how, why or what, and then the when and the where.  This will show the students how to build personification.  It will also help to give them and understanding for why authors use personification. 

I will do one on my own, then have the students give suggestions and do one together, then allow them to work with their shoulder partner to complete the chart for Guided Practice.

As the students are working, I will monitor they progress, provide guidance and reteach as necessary. 

Independent Practice

25 minutes

To have the students really dive in and play with personification, I am going to have them personify an emotion that one of the characters from our novel has experienced.  To do this, I will have the students work within their mixed ability groups and create their list on chart paper. I will give the students about ten minutes to create their list. 

To help support the students, I will have them use their Seedfolks Character Analysis handout and their Reading Response Guide to help support them in this process.  They can also always go back to the novel and their notes. 

Next, I will have the students look at a couple of the examples I have created for emotions being personified.  I will use the power point to share the examples and talk about how I created them. 

Then, I will have the handout My Personification Poem students use the and create personified poems of their own.  I will allow the students time in class to work to create these poems. 

As the students are working, I will monitor and provide guidance, support and reteaching as necessary. 

You can provide the students with the Personification Grading Rubric to guide their work. 

Literature Groups

20 minutes

I will now ask the students to move into their reading groups.  The students are placed in ability leveled reading groups to allow for differentiation with the product and process of the literature groups.

I will ask the students to prepare for reading by taking out our novel work.  This includes our Reading Response Guide, as well as our Seedfolks Character Analysis handout.  I will allow 5 minutes for the group to check their work to make sure everyone in the group is caught up and ready to go for today.  During this time, I will walk around to monitor progress and assess who is keeping up and who is falling behind.  I can then determine what intervention is needed to assist these students. 

Next, we will read the next chapter "Maricella" aloud.  As I read, I am still modeling how I annotate the text.  This guidance is still needed, however, I will begin to pull back from asking the students after I read a paragraph if there is anything I should annotate.  This releases the responsibility of identifying important text to them.  By calling on them, it will model thinking at their level using their peers ideas. 

Once we have read the chapter, I will have the students work in their groups to complete their daily work, practicing their discussion skills.  This developing skill allows them a chance to share their thoughts and ideas.

 The students will finish the novel for homework today.  They will read "Amir" and "Florence".  They will be prepared with discussion guides and the Analysis handout completed. 


7 minutes

To help the students process their learning and to gain an assessment from them, I will have them complete a Closure Slip.

I will ask the students to define personification in their own words.  My hope is that the students will have gained an understanding for the device and see it's purpose in writing.  In order for them to do that, they need to know the definition of the term.  By asking them to define it in their own words, it challenges them to process and think about the definition I gave them and demonstrate understanding of it enough to explain it themselves.