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SWBAT identify the characters, setting and events after reading Jan Brett's story, The Hat.

Big Idea

Building background knowledge is essential when instructing English language learners. This lesson highlights how informational videos can be used to increase schema.

Let's learn about the animals.

10 minutes

Before reading this funny book to you, I want you to learn about the animals in the story.  The main character is a girl named Lisa, she meets many animals in this story.

1.  The first animal Lisa meets is a hedgehog named Hedgie.  Here is a picture of him and I can show you on the big map where he is from.  You can buy a hedgehog from special pet shops and keep them as a pet.  On this site you can even hear a hedgehog eating his dinner.

or watch this video of how to take care of a pet hedgehog.

2. The next animal Lisa met is a mother hen and her chicks.  Here is a short video of a real mother hen and her chicks.  Watch how the mother chicks eats while taking care of her chicks.


3.  The next animal Lisa meets is a gander.  This is like a duck but has a longer neck.  The goose is the girl and the gander is the boy.  Here is a video about a farmer talking about his geese.  You can see the little goslings, they are so fluffy!


4.  Lisa then meets a cat.  Here is a video that shows animals can be friends.


5.  Lisa meets with a dog that is very freindly. Here is a video of a very friendly dog.


6.  Lisa meets a funny pig.  Here is a video of a pig up close.


7.  Lisa finds her pony doing silly things.  Here is a video of a ponies running and playing.


The Hat by Jan Brett

10 minutes

Today's lesson is designed to prepare my students to comprehend the story.  My introduction to the animals was the meat of my lesson.  At this point I will read the story The Hat and point out ALL the characters.  We can briefly discuss each animal and what we saw in the videos.  I ask about the setting which is on a farm.  I ask my students, "What happened in this story?"  These are the events I am looking for:  Lisa hung up the clothes, the animals all put the clothes on to wear as a hat, Lisa chased the animals and took off the clothes.  The animals all thought is was a good idea to wear clothes. Hmmmmm, what do you think?   Should animals wear clothes?   

Tree Map the characters

10 minutes

I use a tree map drawn on chart paper and I head each branch with an animal.  

blank laminated Tree Map

Using the book I ask the students to turn to their partner and tell them about the order of the animals.  When talking to your partner, please use the sentence starter, "the first animal that wore clothes was _____."Tell your partner which animal wore a hat first (Hedgie).  

I place the picture of Hedgie on the map.  I ask about each animal while turning the pages of the book to prompt the students to know which animal came next.  When all the animals are on the chart, I ask them what piece of clothing each animal decided to wear.

I have the students turn to their partner and tell them what Hedgie wore as a hat. Use the sentence starter, "Hedgie wore a ____ for a hat.".   

I place a picture of the sock under the picture of Hedgie.  I ask the partners to tell each other what each animal was wearing.  The pictures I use for the tree map are the same pictures the students will use on their matching work sheet.  I enlarge them a little bit for use in the lesson.

  This activity is building the background the students need to fully comprehend the story.  They need to know what each animal is, and what the clothes were that each animal wore.  Using a tree map organizes this information and makes the information visible and easy to comprehend.  I love using the Thinking Maps.


I can do it!

10 minutes

When we are done with the tree map, I model how to complete a matching activity work sheet where students need to match an animal and its clothes.  They have to color, cut and glue the clothes under the corresponding animal. I send my students off to complete the activity.

students at work

Who wore what?

5 minutes

We gather again on the carpet to review the tree map.  I call on one student from each partnership to identify which piece of clothing a particular animal wore.  This is a fun story and we will learn more about it tomorrow.