Library Center

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SWBAT identify the main topic and retell key details of a text with a partner.

Big Idea

Reinforce your weekly informational OR literature stories in centers!

Why This Center?

1 minutes

Library center is the place where students get to practice and enjoy reading (and sometimes, even writing).  Every time students go to this center, they relax, get a book to take home with them and enjoy reading books for pleasure.

How Does This Center Work?

10 minutes

What I use:
Leveled books (students know their levels)
Seasonal books
Paper printed books or stories
A comfortable, relaxing place with pillows and extra light
Pointers and glasses

(Personally, I use books from or I use word family books. 
Every once in a while I might also use other reproducible books for holidays.)

What I do to set up the center:

- I make it so each student has their own comfy place; but there is also a spot for students to face each other and share the reading experience if they want to.
- I put all supplies in a basket that is easily accessible.
- I have leveled books easily accessible for student to choose appropriate books.
- I have seasonal books that I have already read easily accessible for re-reading.
- I have pointers and glasses to make reading more fun!

How Does This Center Change to Meet Students' Needs Throughout the Year?

10 minutes

* For the first round of centers in the year, I let students copy my example that is available in the basket.  I do this so they will know from the beginning what my expectations will be for their work.

*I tend to have students create or work on take-home books that are an extension of what we are working on in whole group.

*As the year goes on, I take time to think about what words or skills my students may need help with and I adapt the take-home books to meet those needs.  For example, if my students are not going well with –ing endings, I will use a story with many –ing ending words and perhaps have them circle the –ing on each page.

*This center is really easy to mold to the needs of your students and it can match any theme you want!  It is fun for holidays, specific words or letters, etc.

The Process Students Typically Follow

50 minutes

- Look at your take-home story.
- Go through and circle all of the words you know (high frequency words).
  (If there is a theme or a specific skills, letter, word ending, blend, etc. students will also circle those pieces in their story.)
- Go through and sound out each word you do not know.
- Use pointers or glasses to read the book to yourself, tracking print along the way.

- See if you and your partner can read together or to each other.
- Find books on your level or familiar seasonal stories to re-read.  You can read these to yourself or with a partner, as long as you are reading.

(Students know not to use pointers or glasses unless they are reading.  They MUST be reading to be using the fun items.  I show them this throughout the year.  I will put on funny glasses only if I am reading a story.  I will use a pointer only when I am reading.  Students are typically quick to coach each other through following this rule.)