Maroo of the Winter Caves Elements of Fiction Quiz

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Demonstrate knowledge of the elements of fiction and apply this knowledge to novel currently being read in class.

Big Idea

Time to show what you know! It’s quiz day.


10 minutes

To refresh their memories and to ease anxiety about the quiz on elements of fiction, students use the first ten minutes of class to study. This also reinforces the fact that those who put time and effort into creating flashcards with details about each of the elements of fiction have a ready-to-go study aid. Here are some digital flashcards resources:



App Advice on Best Flashcard Apps

Don't be surprised if 25-30% of students still choose the old fashioned way: index cards.

Quiz Time

20 minutes

This formative assessment on the elements of fiction requires students to match common literary terms with their definitions. Throughout the year we will be applying these terms to works of fiction and poetry, so helps for students to have a general understanding of the terms meanings and to deepen that understanding as the year goes on and they gain experience applying them.

Typically, student desks are arranged in a configuration that allows them to easily work in a small group with peers. However for assessments, they separate their desks in order to take the quiz independently. 



Wrap Up

10 minutes

Once everyone finishes, we grade the tests together. One benefit of this is that they receive instant feedback on achievement. On average, students get 2 or 3 incorrect answers with mood, style and theme being the most challenging terms. Oftentimes, I give this same quick quiz at the end of the year and almost everyone receives a perfect score. A student sample of today's quiz appears here and some thoughts on this quiz appear here: