Finding Lead, Claim, & Evidence

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SWBAT isolate lead, claim, & evidence in their own writing.

Big Idea

Students make teacher suggested revisions to writing sample, as well as identifying the different parts of their writing piece.

Independent Reading/Revision of Learning Style Draft

40 minutes

Kids use the first chunk of class time to complete their learning style draft from the previous day's lesson. Here is a sample of a completed learning style draft.

As students complete their drafts, I circulate to conference one on one with students. I keep the copy of my learning style argument paper on the board, which is high-lighted to show kids what should be included in their drafts. If any kids need a little more assistance in articulating what should be included in each paragraph, I give a bullet point list of what should be included.

When kids finish, they can transition to silent reading.

At the end of the forty minutes I have students print, so they can have a hard copy of their draft to share and high-light.

Whole Class Instruction: Isolating Lead, Claim, & Evidence

15 minutes

I remind students of my draft with all of the high-lights and what each color represents. Then I have students make their own key.

Yellow = Creative Lead/Opening

Pink = Claim

Blue = Evidence from your life.

Then kids go through and high-light their drafts. Students can ask each other at their tables for clarification. I'm also circulating.

Here is a student sample:

Kinesthetic/Naturalistic Learner Highlighted Draft

Table Work: Continued Practice

15 minutes

In the next section of the lesson, students continue to share their drafts and isolate the lead, claims, and evidence.

If students have a specific question that they need clarified, and I cannot get to them, I ask them to write their question on a Post-It Note and attach it to their draft. Here are two student samples with Post-It Notes attached:

Kinesthetic Learner Highlighted Draft

Linguistic Learner Highlighted Draft

Students turn in these drafts and I respond to questions I couldn't get to during the class period.