"Interacting With the Text" Annotating for Understanding Text Day Two

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SWBAT take notes while reading to aid in understanding and responding to text based questions.

Big Idea

Students will learn that responding to the text while reading helps them comprehend and respond to text based questions.


10 minutes

Continuing with the previous lesson "Interacting With the Text Day One", we take a look at the questions and thoughts I recorded while watching the "Arthur's Pet Business" by Marc Brown on PBS. I ask students how will these questions and thoughts help me and what should i do now that I've asked the questions. We conclude that we need to use the information from the episode to answer the questions and clarify our thoughts.


15 minutes

Before we get started we recap what happened in the episode. This particular episode was "Arthur's Pet Business". Next, I think aloud using some of the ideas from my popcorn bucket. "So Arthur wants a pet." "His parents want him to be responsible enough to take care of a pet." In my bucket, I put ideas like show responsibility, starts a babysitting business, has too many pets, has a problem with the one of the puppies, but solves the problem, parents thinks he can have a pet. I worked with the kids with these ideas and asked them to help answer some of these questions and clarify these thoughts. After talking about the thoughts and questions, I ask the class to help me verbally summarize what we've seen based on my responses. As a class, we conclude:

Arthur wants to get a pet but his parents think he should show them he can be responsible enough to take care of the pet. He decides to babysit some of the pets in his neighborhood but he runs into some problems. He solves the problem and then his parents see he is responsible.

We discuss our response and move on to the next part of the lesson.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

At this time, I had students follow my lead and answer their questions and clarify their thoughts from the book they read with their partner.  I asked students to first recap the story in their minds. Next I tell students to look back in the story to try to answer their questions and clarify some of their thoughts. After students have answered their questions, I ask them to use their information to write a quick paragraph that tells what their story was about. When students were done, they shared their summaries with the partners they read the book with the day before. 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

As I like to do with all of my lessons, we came back to share some of the products and discuss why questioning is important while reading.